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The Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc. not – for – profit charity incorporation formed to create a safe greenspace at Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area and George Genereux Urban Regional Park.  

There is such great cultural, historic, natural, geological heritage at these parks. During our heritage tours, a spotlight brings to the forefont the notable namesakes, the formation of the West Swale from the Pleistocene Glacial Spillway, the homesteaders, the Old Bone Trail history alongside the ecological succession of the natural environment consisting of grasslands, wetlands and a mixed wood forest. A walk in time explores the background and backdrop of the afforestation areas. Learn about the award winning green survival program, and so much more. These are exciting times. There is so much to celebrate as we take climate-action, and celebrate trees and their impact on climate change. Think globally and act locally with tree awareness, and the benefits of trees offered in our community programming.

During the COVID-19 pandemic there are virtual tours of the afforestation areas online.

Eco-quests and bio-blitzes bring forward leaders, and guardian stewards of the parks. An ecological inventory documents the plants and animals of these urban regional parks. It is here that youth classroom environmental education can be engaged in to usher in a new generation of environmental guardians. At the roots of the situation is to analyse the situation and create a safe workplace for classrooms, civic ecology projects such as bio blitzes and the Clean Green Community Scene.

Our non-profit charity formed to protect, conserve and restore the ecosystems and biodiversity on a long-term basis at the two Saskatoon afforestation areas, the 326 acre Richard St Barbe Baker Afforestation Area and the 147 acre George Genereux Urban Regional Park. Taking actions for health and safety increase benefits to the community by enhancing tourism, conserving aesthetic, geological, namesake, scientific, natural, cultural, spiritual and social heritage. Environmental action and education grows community building and support.

The two afforestation areas are heritage greenspaces because of their natural (flora and fauna), historical (CoS Green Survival Program), geological (West Swale and the Yorath Island Glacial Spillway), cultural (Old Bone Trail), spiritual (sacredness of water honouring First Nations traditions) and community values. The namesakes of these parks can also be honoured. This is in keeping with the spirit of Witaskêwin, living together on the land.

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